Corrado Maria Saglietti was born in 1957 in Costigliole d'Asti, Piedmont, in the north of Italy.

He studied french horn with Prof. Giacomo Zoppi and graduated from the “A.Vivaldi” Conservatory of Alessandria with the highest honors. Since 1977 he has been a member of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra, and since 1990 he is Principal Horn.

In 1979 he was awarded a  prize at the International Competition “F. Verganti” of Stresa and began a flourishing activity as a soloist including being featured in Settembre Musica (Turin,1981) performing the W. A. Mozart horn concertos.

In 30 years of activity he has played with the most important and world famed Conductors and he has appeared as soloist on different occasions, interpreting J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, W.A.Mozart, R. Schumann, F. Martin, E. Nunes and many others. Alongside the Orchestra, he is also very active in various chamber groups.

Corrado Maria Saglietti finds complete expression of his musical personality through an important and prolific compositional activity.

Under the guidance of Professors S.Tresca and G.Bosco, in 1986 he received a degree in Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Turin. In the same year his composition “Concerto for Tuba and four Horns” (BIM Editions) won the third prize at the International Neotuba Composition Competition of Akron University in Ohio, USA, and was premiered at the New York Brass Conference. It can now be found on the CD “Variations” by the American & German Horn Ensemble, featuring Markus Hötzel on the tuba.

In 1988 the International Horn Society awarded C. M. Saglietti with the first prize for his piece “Virtuoso” for horn and piano (edited by Hans Pizka), which he also premiered at the International Horn Workshop of Munich in 1989.

The“Suite for Alto Trombone and String Quartet” (BIM Editions) was commisioned and recorded on CD by Joe Burnam in 1993 and performed in Italy, in Germany and in the USA. The “Suite” was also performed during Boston Symphony Orchestra's 2003 season by Ronald Barron, who recorded it as well on the CD “The Return of the Alto”. In 2011 the “Suite” was recorded by Zoltan Kiss on the CD "Slideshow", in 2015 on the CD “Stella” by Francesco D’Urso and in the version “Suite for Horn and String Quartet” was recorded by Radek Baborak on the CD “Orchestrina” in 2014.

The “Sestetto in Tre Tempi” for brass ensemble was written for the group “Ottoni di Verona” and performed in importants festivals in Italy and in France.

The “Concertissimo per Tuba e Banda” (BIM Editions), played by Mario Barsotti with the Banda Musicale di Riva del Garda conducted by M° Luterotti, inaugurated “Verso il millennio: International Euphonium and Tuba Workshop 1997” at Riva del Garda, Italy.

Floriano Rosini recorded “Preghiera” (WarwickMusic Editions) on the CD “Musica sacra per trombone e organo”.“Impressioni” for Brass Quintet (BIM Editions) was recorded on CD from the Brass Quintet of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra “Brass Express”.

“Tre movimenti per Tromba, Corno e Organo” (Animando Editions) in 2003 won 2nd prize at the Organist Composition Competition “Rocco Rodio” of Castellana Grotte. “Psalms” for trumpet and organ (BIM Editions) was recorded on CD by Ivano Ascari in his collection “Nuove musiche per tromba”; the same CD contains also the short piece “Andantino per Giacomo” for flügelhorn and electric piano (Animando Editions).

In the summer of 2004, “Piazze di Torino” for tuba and strings orchestra (Animando Editions) had its world premiere in Budapest at the ITEC 2004, performed by Alessandro Fossi.

The “Concerto d'estate” for brass quintet and wind band was successfully played in the summer of 2005 from the SpilimBrass Quintet and the Filarmonica City of Spilimbergo. The Suite “Weekend in Tokyo” for flute, oboe and piano (BIM Editions) was premiered in Catania by the “Ecoensemble” Trio in April 2006.

“Three pieces for Octet” for Brass Octet (BIM Editions) won 1st prize at the "2008  Brass Composition Contest" IBCMF.

The “Adverbs”  for trumpet and Percussion were presented at the Texas Christian University, played by Ivano Ascari in October 2009. In the same year the “Racconti per Arpa” (Salvi Editions) were recorded on CD by the harpist Stefania Saglietti.

In May 2010 the “Concerto for trumpet and Orchestra” had its debut at the Alba Music Festival, played by Jeff Silberschlag with the State Romanian Orchestra conducted by John Wallace.

In November 2010 Corrado Saglietti is one of twelve horn players chosen by the International Horn Society for a survey of the horn-playing style in various European nations, titled "Two Surveys of European Horn Playing Styles" and viewable on the IHS website. Since 2011, on the same website (at Market, Online Music Sales), it's available his book “Esercizi per Corno - French Horn Exercises”.

Recently (June, 2012) he premiered his new composition “Souvenirs” for horn and strings at the 35th International  Festival Antidogma Musica.

Corrado Saglietti will perform as soloist in the 2013-2014 Season of the Rai National Symphony Orchestra and will be member of the Jury of the 24th International Competition Città di Porcia.

The "Concertino for Trumpet", dedicated to the 25th International Competition Città di Porcia, will be the compulsory piece of the semi-final of the competition.

"Tris" for Trumpet and Concert Band commissioned and dedicated to Roberto Rossi had its debut at Foligno, November 29, 2015.

After almost 40 years Corrado Saglietti retires from the Rai National Symphony Orchestra.

In 2016 the “Psalms” for Trumpet and Organ, are recorded on the CD “Klangfester Orgel und Trompete im dialog” by the organiste Ekaterina Kofanova and the trumpet-player André Schüpbach. Bruno Schneider play the “Suite for Horn and Piano”  at the 48th International Horn Symposium, Ithaca, NY. USA.

In 2017 the "Concertino per Tromba" is played by Marco Braito at ITG 42nd Annual Conference, Hershey, PA. USA. In July there was the release of the CD “Concerti Italiani” with the “Concertissimo per Tuba e Banda” (Edizioni BIM), played by Alessandro Fossi and the Banda musicale di Rovereto  conducted by M° Loss.  In November Corrado Saglietti is a member of the Jury of the 28th International Competition Città di Porcia, Horn.

In 2018 the “Quartetto Italiano di Tromboni” recorded “Four for Four’bones” on the CD "Passe-Temps for 4", and played it in the Italy-Usa-Belgium tour. In June “El Tanguero”, written for and recorded by Zoltan Kiss on the CD “Non-Stop”, was recorded in the version for Trombone and Trombone Quartet on the CD “Contemporary” by Zoltan Kiss and the hungarian “Corpus Trombone Quartet”. In October the belgian Trio “Triotique” presented in a series of concerts in Belgium the new CD “3D” with “Weekend in Tokyo” for Flute, Oboe and Piano.

In 2019 the piece "Trio di Velluto" for Horn, Euphonium and Tuba is played on US Tour by Laursen-Lipton-Cranson Trio, from which it was commissioned and dedicated. The "Trio" was also played at the 2019 International Tuba Euphonium Conference, Iowa City, IA. USA.
"Monsters" for Tuba and Piano (Editions BIM) commissioned by and dedicated to the 31st International Competition Città di Porcia, Tuba, will be the compulsory piece of the semi-final of the competition. The Competition was postponed in 2022.

Two important and successfull events in 2020: the “Suite for Horn and String Quartet” played by  Philip Foster in Live streaming from HemmaOperan,Göteborg, Sweden and the “Suite for Alto Trombone and String Quartet” played by Ximo Vicedo on streaming on RTVE Ràdio Clásica, and  on streaming on la 2 de TVE, Spain.
In November the release of the CD “Spiritual Quest” with “Psalms” for Trumpet and Organ, recorded by  Ádám Rixer e Maurice Clement.

2021 opens with an important premiere: "Monsters" in the version for Solo Tuba and Chamber Ensemble is performed by Matteo Magli and the OSN Rai Chamber Ensemble on February 21  in the 2nd Concert of the Auditorium Sundays series. The recording was then broadcast on February 28 by Radio 3 Suite.