The “Suite for Seven” was conceived by the composer, horn-player, as a “divertimento” in which to satisfy and emphasize the tecnical and musical capacities of each of the seven players. The various styles used also help to make the “Suite” pleasant and stimulating to listen to.

The order of the pieces can be alterated as well as the number of pieces reduced. And of course it is quite permissible to perform them singulary.

Fanfare, perfect as an opening piece, is characterized by triumphant horn calls which continue to build up into a climactic atmosphere “alla Bruckner”.

In Swingin’ the melody, clearly jazz-oriented, moves rhythmically and harmonically taking full advantage of the richness of the colors and registers of the horn.
The piece shows off a good dose of swing from the entire group.

In Romantic, in an almost impressionistic atmosphere, lyrical and vibrant phrases interwine, revealing the characteristic beauty of the tone and expression of each of the singular players.

Crazy Waltz, a comic and extravagant piece where flashes of well-known melodies pop up here and there making irony and fantasy protagonists.

Inspired by a verse from the Book of Apocalypse Sollemnis, a maestoso chorale closes the “Suite” joyously and triumphantly.


Suite for Seven


Settimino di Corni

Horn septet


Published in 1988 by Wiener Waldhornverein

Fanfare - Swingin' - Romantic - Crazy Waltz - Sollemnis