In writing Four for Four ‘bones, I wanted to create a piece of music
that would be fun to play as well as a pleasure to listen to.
The result was this four-movement suite.

The movement can be characterized as follows:   

 I. Fanfare: a stately and majestic overture

II. Waltz: a melancholy and capricious movement.

 III. Adagio: a blend of Romanticism and jazz.

 IV. Allegro: a climactic Finale where the four trombonist really get a chance to show what they can do.


Four for "Four 'bones"

4 for «4 Bones»

Quartetto di Tromboni

Trombone quartet

Duration: 8’30

Published in 1991 by Editions BIM

1. Fanfare - 2. Waltz - 3. Adagio - 4. Allegro

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Quartetto Italiano di Tromboni

Vincent Lepape - Matteo De Luca - Devid Ceste - Diego Di Mario

CD "Passe-Temps for 4"



Youtube Viento sur trombone link

>Four for Fourbones1_demo

>Four for Fourbones2_demo

>Four for Fourbones3_demo

>Four for Fourbones4_demo